Air Command is composed of one 'Air boss', the Air boss manages all aircraft in and above the JSFAW Primary Airfield. And an sometimes an RTO assistant who helps manage radio traffic. The Air boss assigns missions to JSFAW Aircraft formations, assigns them routes and advises them as to flight specifcs. Finally the Air boss manages traffic on the actual airfield, ensuring there are no collisions of aircraft and that each aircraft can take off and land safely and efficently.

Once aircraft are in the air the Air Boss can send missions to pilots and they are can then accept or reject the mission depending on their status, this rejection or acceptance of missions largely falls to the cheif aviator who leads every formation of aircraft and is charged with the responsibility of reacting in the air to unexpected circumstances (Unexpected AA/AAA, Bad Flight Conditions, Bad LZ, Hot LZ). Take note new LZs must be assigned by the Air boss however the Cheif Aviator can abort a landing procedure or redirect a flight path/formation. This allows the intelligence gathered by UKSF to keep the pilots from landing somewhere unsafe, but also allows  experienced pilots to adapt on the spot.