Type Abbreviation Insignia Full Name Pre-Requisits Description/Notes
Enlistment Cdt/Rct Candidate/Recruit - Approved Application - Hold no position in a combat unit.- Untrained and may not have full quality assurance.

- Reliant upon invitation.

Enlisted Tpr/Pte Trooper/Private - Completion of Basic Training - Most Basic combat rank- Involves no leadership

- Held by people with no specialty training - Can apply to 1PARA, 4RIFLES, JSFAW, 18 Signal or R.A.F Regiment. - Can be invited to the pathfinders.

Enlisted LCpl Lance Corporal - Specialist Level Trainingor

- Distinguished Field Experience in Non-Leadership Role

- Leads small elements in a squeeze.- Usually has specialty training.

- Can apply to any unit with the exception of SOF. - Can be invited to attend SOF selection.

Enlisted (NCO) Cpl Corporal - Expert Level Training- Pass SCBC - First rank of NCO leadership- Lowest rank that can run a training session or school.

- Armoured Crewmen or other highly trained personel may hold this rank.

Enlisted (NCO) Sgt Sergeant - Distinguished Leadership- Field Experience

- Pass SSCBC or - Expert Level training in a semi-leadership role. - Pass SCBC

- Forming the heart of the NCOs.- Hold positions similar to corporals.

- Sergeants can lead specialized elements such as AT elements. - In SOF elements the better trained operators (specialists) are sergeants. - Sergeants are much more experienced than Corporals but are not ressponsible for as many people as a S/CSgt.

Enlisted (NCO) SSgt/CSgt Staff Sergeant/Colour Sergeant - Pass PSBC- Field Experience as Junior NCO. - First rank of Senior NCOs- C/S Sergeants may be the NCO i/c of a troop/platoon.

- In a SOF element a C/S Sergeant may only lead a section/team. - C/S Sergeant may be in charge of a large group of infantry as well as other attached (specialized) elements. - Has significant out of game managment and training roles.

Enlisted (NCO) WO2/CSM/SSM

Warrant Officer 2

Company Sergeant Major

Squadron Sergeant Major

- Pass IWOC - Requires high levels of training and the highest levels of experience.- Position and role varies across units, however they are often associated with leadership elements or specialized highly trained elements.

- Can receive a leadership appointment. - Can receive many other appointments.

Enlisted (NCO) WO1/RSM

Warrant Officer 1

Regimental Sergeant Major

- Field Experience as a Senior NCO- Distinguised Senior NCO - A part of high command.- Similar to WO2s, WO1s can receive leadership appointments as the NCOIC of an entire UKSF unit.

- Leaders of all WO2s in all units under them.

Officer Cadet ACdt Aviation Cadet - Approved Application to Aviation Basic Training - Pilot in training.- Only hold a postion in their Aviation basic training class.
Officer Cadet OCdt Officer Cadet - Approved Application to OCC - An officer in training.- Not yet a qualified leader.

- Only hold a position in their OCC Class.

(Aviation) Officer Plt Off Pilot Officer - Completion of Aviation Basic Training - Straight from Flight School, Either Fixed wing or Rotary- can be offered to join (8 flight) if Rotary Pilot
(Aviation) Officer Fg Off Flying Officer - Combat expericience - can command a small flight (only in very extreme cases)- can apply for (8 flight) if Rotary Pilot
Officer 2 Lt Second Lieutenant - Completeion of OCC. - Fresh out of OCC (2i/cs may remain as 2Lts for longer).- Despite their lower rank, they are likely to be fresh with the most recent and up to date officer commissioning course, And thus have recently made an accomplishment.
(Aviation) Officer Flt Lt Flight Lieutenant - Combat expericience - Will need to do the leadership class for aviation - incharge of a small unit of pilots in either Fixed Wing or Rotary- 2ic of a Squadron
Officer Lt Lieutenant - Field & Admin Experience as a 2IC.or

- Experience in 1IC of Training State Troop

- A Lietenant has time served as an officer and has shown field proficiency.- In Fixed-Wing aviation a Lt leads a pair of fighters.

- In regular units junior officers are Lieutenants. - In The Pathfinders or SAS or other non regular infantry Lieutenants are 2i/cs.

Officer Cpt Captain - Pass Company Command Course (CCC).- Experience as a Lieutenant.

- May 1i/c any unit including aviation. - Captains may command a:


- Captains are highly skilled officers with proven proficiency through time served.

(Aviation) Officer Sqn Ldr Squadron Leader - Experience commanding a flight in combat- Must have expericience as a Flight Lieutenant - Incharge of either fixed wing flying or Rotary Aviation (excluding 8 Flight)
Officer Maj Major - Position for a Major available.- Field experience as a Captain.

- Significant Operational experience. - Distinguished service.

- A Major can only 1i/c a The Pathfinder Platoon.- A Major may operate as a ground commander of fixed wing and rotary aviation.

- A Major may Oi/c an entire UKSF unit. - A Major may act as the DSF when there is only one person (himself) above the rank of 2Lt. and there is a circumstance with manpower in the taskforce.

Officer Lt Col Lieutenant Colonel - Position for a Lieutenant Colonel available.- Massive amount of distinguished field experience.

- Significant operational and administrative decoration.

- Only occupied during High Manpower.- A Lt Col may be the Oi/c of an entire UKSF Unit.
Officer Col Colonel - Position for a colonel available.- Experience as a Lieutenant Colonel - A Col has the same role as a Lt Col but has more experience and proven skill.
Officer Brig Brigadier - Be Fisher - UKSF Task Force Commander a.k.a The Director of Special Forces.