S-R 7 operators are tasked with the management and development of server assets, and/or the development of addons (mods).

Joining S-R 7Edit

If you wish to join S-R 7 for Addon development please contact:

Selection for server asset development is conducted at the discretion of Major Fisher.

Major Fisher
Lance Corporal Maier.V

Being an S-R 7 OperatorEdit

Welcome to UKSF's Advanced Dev Branch, this post will describe some of the tasks you may undergo as a member of the UKSF Mod Team.

First off, S-R 7 is a general title which encompasses anyone possessing a degree of skill and understanding of the BIS Tools Suite.  Recruitment into S-R 7 means you have volunteered to learn and utilize these skills to assist our Mod Team in the production of full fledged addons for our operations in the Arma series.  Be aware that addons may take serious investments of time to produce and this role is not for the undedicated.