S-R DepartmentsEdit

S-R Roles or Secondary Roles are semi-compulsary roles taken on by UKSF members that are critical to the day to day functioning of the unit. S-R Roles vary greatly on what they require of members and more often than not demand specialst skills/knowledge.

Members are encouraged to take on at least one S-R Role. However, due to the time comitment and requirement of specialist skill for many of the S-R Roles, members may be excused from taking one on.

UKSF employs the following S-R Roles:

S-R 1 Recruitment & Retention

S-R 2 Publicity Ops

S-R 3 Training Ops

S-R 4 Training Instructor

S-R 5 Mission Development

S-R 6 Graphical Development

S-R 7 Advanced Development

S-R 8 Public Affairs/MPs

S-R 9 Military Court