Organization & StructureEdit

ELCOM is seperated into two units with additional attached elements.

Task Force Strategic Command (STRATACOM)
Air Command
Regimental ELCOM Elements

Task Force Command is composed of a Director or Director Special Forces who is the general field commander of all Operations and Missions being undertaken by the task force. There is a 18 (UKSF) Signal Regiment Commander who  manages the communications of the entire task force, the 18SigRegt has to predict all Signal Warfare missions against the task force, conduct all Anti-Signal Warfare Missions against any unfriendly or neutral signal presences, conduct and assign any Signal missions. There is also an 'Air Control Cheif' who is tasked with managing all air controller missions on the field. Finally There is a tasking of RTOs inside the STRATACOM who manage all signal traffic in the Task Force HQ.

Air Command is composed of one 'Air boss', the Air boss manages all aircraft in and above the JSFAW Primary Airfield. And an sometimes an RTO assistant who helps manage radio traffic. The Air boss assigns missions to JSFAW Aircraft formations, assigns them routes and advises them as to flight specifcs. Finally the Air boss manages traffic on the actual airfield, ensuring there are no collisions of aircraft and that each aircraft can take off and land safely and efficently.

Mission-type Tactics (ELCOM's Role)Edit

Each ELCOM unit has a different role in commanding and directing combat units however their roles are differentiated as follows: STRATACOM (Strategic Command) is the nucleus of the task force, it conceives all operational objectives and then assigns missions both directly to combat units (at the platoon level) or to a Regimental ELCOM Element.

If the mission requires a specific course of action, the battle plan may be developed at the task force level however for the sake of effeciency and the general resilience of our command structure. The majority of a units missions will be received from a Regimental ELCOM Element. The Regimental ELCOM Elements in turn receive Operational Directives/Mission Goals.

Certain units such a the 16AA's Pathfinder Platoon & Squadrons of the 22nd SAS receive direct orders from UKSF STRATACOM as they play key roals in UKSF's battle plans. Both Operational Directives and Missions are assigned to these units and they are expected to be able to adapt their missions to complete their Operational Directives if a situation arises where STRATACOM cannot be contacted to alter the mission in response to new intel. 'Battle Plan Ques' can be defined which specifically changes a unit's mission without needing the ELCOM to assign a new mission manually. 18SigRegt and JTAC elements are taught to alter their missions similiarly even though they receive their orders from a Regimental ELCOM Unit, due to the remoteness of their missions and the range over which they operate from other units.