Training is a fundamental aspect of UKSF, our training goes the extra mile and our operators are expected to host enthusiasm and in return we offer the highest grade of training, unobtainable elsewhere.

We are careful to ‘trim the fat’ we are not a roleplaying unit and we don’t ask our members to learn unnecessary details however we do ask you enjoy and work hard them to learn everything they need to, to be able to soldier efficiently even if it is just through a video game.


We ask all members to complete basic training which consists of:

Phase 1 - Orientation

Phase 2 - Foundation Skills

Phase 3 - Communication

Phase 4 - Small Unit Tactics

Phase 5 - Platoon Operations

Phase 6 - Land Navigation

Phase 7 - Operations Training

Phase 8 - Covert/Night Operations

Phase 9 - Civilian Interaction & L.I.P

Phase 10 - Motorized Operations


Some of the phases are much longer or shorter than others


In addition there is training for your role (otherwise known as M.O.S in the USA) and more training for your unit of choice, for example a Marksman in 1 PARA does :

  1. Basic Training

  2. Airborne Training

  3. Marksman Training at SOIS.

in that order.


Here follows a complete list of all Schools/Training Courses availible:

Basic Infantry Training (BIT)

Airborne School

Mechanized Infantry School (MIS)

School of Infantry Specialties (SOIS)

School of Aviation (SoA)

Pathfinder Selection Course

Special Forces Selection Course (SFSC)

Special Forces Aviator Course (SFAC)

Army Sniper Training

School of Field Medicine

Mortar Training

Anti-Tank Training

Demolitions & Explosives Training

NCO Leadership School

Radio Transmission Operator Training

Special Forces RTO Course

Joint Forward Air Controller Training and Standards Unit

Joint Terminal Attack Controller Course

Aviation Officer Commissioning Course

Infantry Officer Commissioning Course

Armour Officer Commissioning Course

Stirling Lines Training Centre