United Kingdom Special Forces
UKSF banner LOGO
Unit Information
Website URL
Full Name United Kingdom Special Forces
Additional Information
Official Games Supported ArmA 2
Man Power ~ 30 +
Official Games Supported ArmA 2
Unit Operational 'Style' Serious MilSim
Active Regiments 1PARA, 4RIFLES, 18Sig, JSFAW, ELCOM

Welcome to the United Kingdom Special Forces WikiEdit

The United Kingdom Special Forces is an Arma Milsim Outfit dedicated to mastery on the field,  fair and honest management. The unit is based on a real task force employed by British Ministry of Defense to handle all of British Special forces missions.

Content on this wikiEdit

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Membership, Promotions & Rank in UKSF
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UKSF as a MilSim Outfit
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